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smart. tech-savvy. passionate about efficiency.

The Benefits of legal tech

The Numbers Don’t Lie

The pandemic hit the legal industry hard. But tech-savvy firms fared much better than their counterparts.

For example, for solo firms that embraced legal tech solutions like electronic payments, client portals, and client intake/CRM solutions, they rebounded faster and maintained significant advantages with respect to matter volume and revenue generation.



revenue increase


casework increase

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Meet Nicole

nicole miller


As an avid learner, I’ve always embraced technology because it afforded me multiple opportunities to grow and improve efficiency.

But technology can be scary and complicated. So people put it off, citing the age-old “That’s the way we’ve always done it” mindset.

My goal is to help firms embrace new ways of offering excellent legal services in hopes of creating a better client experience and increasing a firm’s longevity and success.

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